President Trump and the Supreme Court Nominee (Click Here To View Full Posting)

Once again President Trump stands good on a campaign promise. It certainly seems as if he is attempting to follow through with the promises he made as a candidate. This is refreshing in itself.


So he nominates Neil Gorsuch as his nominee for the United States Supreme Court. According to all the reporting, he is a constitutionalist and an originalist. In my opinion, this is excellent! It will be interesting to see all the controversy, the debating, and whether or not the process of affirming him gets bogged down.

I am disgusted and fed up with the continual rancor over the concept of keeping the Supreme Court in “balance”. This is absurd! The balance of the Supreme Court should always be out of balance. In almost every decision, it should be nine to zero. Nine constitutionalists/nine originalists/nine textualists who are in agreement as to the original intent of our sacred document known as the Constitution of the United States.

Our divided nation thinks there should be a balance of liberals and conservatives on our high court. No wonder our cherished values have become eroded, watered-down, distorted, and twisted.

I cherish the freedoms which we enjoy because of the character of those who framed this amazing document. I applaud President Trump for selecting a man of this caliber as his nominee for the Supreme Court. Let’s pray that his confirmation will go smoothly and rapidly and that he will be a great asset to this institution.

May God bless the United States of America and be merciful on our behalf.

Jay Scribner

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