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IMG_6817President, Founder Sensing the convicting power of the Holy Spirit in his life that he needed to come to grips with an honest relationship with the Lord, Jay committed his life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in 1969 while at a men’s prayer meeting. He surrendered his life to Christ wholeheartedly and from that moment knew the Lord had a call on his life for full time ministry. After completion of college, seminary, and 31 years in the pastorate, Jay is still burdened for those who feel they are without hope in their lives. Learning from ministry both nationally and internationally, Jay recognizes that hopelessness consumes many. Jay’s pastor’s heart is obvious as you listen to him share the gospel of His Lord with anyone who will listen. The launching of this website furthers the ministry that Jay has been appointed to in order to tell as many as possible that Christ in you is your hope of glory. Jay and his wife, Kay reside in Missouri.

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