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It is our hope and prayer that you will find REAL HOPE in the testimonies you view here.  God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He is still in the miracle, mercy, and love business.  He knows that what He has done in the lives of these and people around the world, He can and will do for  you!

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Cancer illness


“My name is Tami. I’m a recovered drug addict. I took my first drink when I was 11 years old and my first drug when I was 12. I stayed in my addiction for the next 28 years.” You may be dealing with drugs or alcohol; or perhaps someone you love is bound by one of these destructive addictions. Hear Tami say, “My addiction took everything from me. I was completely hopeless. It eventually took my freedom away.” [click here to view Tami’s complete story] “I didn’t think God could help me. I didn’t know why He would want to.” Tami found a program that could help her. But most of all, Tami found JESUS! This program introduced her to a person; the person of Jesus Christ. In Him, she discovered that she was a person of worth and value. She received His forgiveness. She realized He has good plans and a purpose for her life. She found help, and she found hope! If we can help you today – to find release from your bondage, forgiveness for your sins, help for your problems, and hope – go now to the “contact” icon. We want to help you at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness


“I WENT TO MY FIRST GROUP HOME AND MY FIRST DRUG REHAB WHEN I WAS 14 YEARS OLD. Numerous treatment centers later, with carnage left in my path from the drug use, I was looking at prison for a second time.” It was at this time that Kevin Hunt was introduced to a residential program for hard-core addicts. It was based on the Twelve-step program; a faith-based program that unapologetically states that Jesus Christ is the only “higher power” sufficient to bring someone out of the bondage of drugs and alcohol. [click here to listen to Kevin’s complete testimony.] There is a massive number of individuals who are in bondage to drugs and/or alcohol. Kevin says, “There is a way out of the misery, to let God touch your life.” You do not have to remain in bondage. There is hope for you. Jesus Christ wants to be real to you. He wants to set you free from that which enslaves you. You need to reach out to Him. Acknowledge your need, and your helplessness. He will be there. He is able to move into the midst of your life and turn your misery into victory. Go to the “contact” icon. We want to help you at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness


Sometimes the difficulties of life, or personal and family crises, or personal circumstances can motivate us to make wrong choices. Many times these wrong choices have challenging consequences. Consequence that not only affect you personally, but others as well; such as your close family members. That’s Josh’s story, as told by his dad. “For four years I didn’t talk to him. I didn’t even mention his name. If you abandon your children, it’s the worst thing you can do.” This is a story of hope, of reconciliation, of forgiveness, of courage, of love. [click here to listen to Danny’s full story] You may be a father or mother with an estranged son or daughter. It may be up to you to write that letter, or make that call, to open up your heart, to reach out and extend your love and forgiveness. Isn’t that exactly what God has done for us? He has written us a love letter (the Bible). He has come to get us out of prison. He extends His forgiveness. He loves us unconditionally. He desires to rebuild our family relationship. Go to the “contact” icon if we can help you at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness


Cancer seems to be one of the most dreaded words in the English language. For a wife and mother, breast cancer is especially traumatic. Jennifer tells her story with poise and confidence. She relates the process, tells of her challenges, and expresses how the Lord gave her His peace. “Through all of his journey, I never felt alone. I knew that God was with me,” Jennifer states. She presents a portion of Isaiah 12 and relates how this special portion of God’s Word has ministered to her. [click here to hear Jennifer’s complete story.] Life is so fragile. It can change in a moment, with an event, with a tragedy, with one visit to the doctor, with one decision, with an accident. . .The stability, security, confidence, anchor, hope that we need when confronted by the difficult circumstances of life – is found in a person. His name is Jesus. There is not a problem greater than this person. Jesus is that stabilizing factor. He is the peace in the midst of the storm. He is the Great Physician, capable of healing, even cancer. If we can help you at Here’s Hope America, go now to the “contact” icon.

Cancer illness

BLINDNESS (Keith O’Neil)

If you knew Keith like I do, you could hardly bring yourself to actually say he is handicapped. The man is astounding. He has amazing abilities and an astute memory. Blindness. I can’t imagine living in a world 24/ of total darkness. Keith’s spirit and attitude are even more astounding. His hope is in Christ, so in reality he doesn’t walk in darkness, but rather in the light of the Lord. “I had a choice to become bitter or better, but because of my strong faith in Christ, I knew that He would make me better; and He did.” [click here to review Keith’s full story] I’m reminded of the classic story in the Bible in John 9, where the man responds and says, “one thing I know, once I was blind, but now I see.” Maybe you need a special tough from God today – a miracle. . .for a physical need, marital need, financial need, family need, emotional need, spiritual need. Don’t remain in darkness. Let the light of Christ shine in your life at the darkest and deepest point of your need. Go to the “contact” icon if we can help you at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness


“We were blessed to have one child, a son. His name was Chris. We lost Chris when he was 36 years old.” Chris’ mother, Linda, tells her story of loss and grief, love and hope. “We knew it was all in God’s hands. We had the hope that no matter what happens, we would see him again.” I’m not sure there’s anything more challenging, traumatic, devastating, and emotional than the loss of your son or daughter. Linda relates her story with confidence and faith. In a simple statement of faith, her husband said at Chris’ casket, “He just got there before us.” [click here for Linda’s complete testimony.] Many people do not know the devastation of losing a son or daughter. But – God knows! God knows what it is to watch a son die. And God knows where you are today. He knows your hurts and heart aches, your grief and emotions. He knows who you are and where you are. He is reaching out to hold you in His arms right now. \Go to the “Contact” icon. We want to help you at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness


SOMEONE HAS SAID, “Getting old isn’t for the faint of heart!” I have said before that if you live long enough, you’ll die. But in the meantime, are you facing the aging process with enthusiasm and gracefulness? Howard is doing it well, at the age of 93. He’s still driving, reading, philosophizing, and he still has a very sharp mind. Finding Jesus in a foxhole during WWII, Howard’s personal relationship with Christ has been the foundation of a long, prosperous, and productive life. [click here to view Howard’s entire story.] “Some things are so important to God in accomplishing His plan and His purpose, that He interrupts the happiness and the health of His children.” This is some profound wisdom from a 93 year old saint. Howard then goes ahead to explain how God has helped him through some of the painful parts of his life’s journey. Where are you in your journey? Are you finishing well? Are you continuing to walk with the Lord? Are you trusting Him to meet your daily needs? If you’re still breathing, God isn’t through using you for His purpose and plan. If we can help you find hope on this journey of aging, go the “contact” icon at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness

LOSS OF A CHILD (Bill and Brenda Maupin)

I have heard parents who have walked through this phenomenally deep, dark valley say, “I have never been faced with anything in my life as difficult as this.” To lose a child has to be amazingly painful. It must take you to the brink of despair and hopelessness. Matthew was only 4 months old when he died. That journey led Bill and Brenda on a faith-journey that was indeed very costly. “Even to care for Matthew was so much out of my comfort zone,” Brenda relates. Brenda continues, “I had to trust Him, knowing that He would give me the strength to do what I have to do.” [click here to listen to Matthew’s story] “We struggled with our emotions and our grief, but we had that under-lying understanding that God is a God of love,” Bill states. “We know that one day we’re going to see Matthew again.” “God wants to turn a tragedy into a triumph.” God knows. He knows what it is to lose a child – a son. He knows what it is to watch His only begotten Son die. Not because of some physical illness, but purely as a love-sacrifice for your sins, my sins, and the sins of all mankind. God knows exactly where you are today. He is still motivated by love to give you hope in the midst of your deep, dark valley. Go to the “contact” icon if we can help you at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness


After so many years of marriage, the inevitable happens; your spouse passes away. You find yourself all alone – or are you? The surpassing presence of God in her life gave Carolyn the hope that she needed to make that transition into widowhood. “This was the biggest challenge of my life; after 55 years, the loss of my husband, Jerry. I found hope in Jesus Christ. That’s how I’ve gotten through it.” “It wasn’t easy. I’ve cried buckets of tears. I’ve just had to choose to put my eyes on Jesus.” [click here to hear Carolyn’s full story.] “in the middle of the night, I said to the darkness; God, if you are real, and Jesus if you are who the Bible says you are, then I will go through any door that you open.” This was a turning point in Carolyn’s life. Her faith has taken her on a great journey, and her journey with Jesus continues even into widowhood. Maybe you need to speak to the darkness of your life. Call upon God to be real to you. Put your faith in Him. Get ready for an exciting journey – a journey with Jesus! Go to the “contact” icon. We want to help you at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness


It takes a unique individual, and it is in fact a special “calling” to devote your whole life to serving God. Such is the story of Pastor Richard Claar, Sr. “People ask, ‘Did you find the Lord?’ No, but He found me.” “He directed me to love the Lord Jesus and to really love His Word.” Those two things right there should define the very existence for every Christian, whether you are in the ministry or not. Serving the Lord vocationally is indeed both a challenge and a blessing. Pastor Claar relates it well. He is a grand old saint, having served Christ for many years. [click here to view Pastor Claar’s testimony] Pastor Claar states, “Your life can count for the Lord. I believe that every Christian has a calling in the family of God to be somewhere in this world testifying of Him.” That is exactly what Pastor Claar has done. Thank you sir for your service to the King. That should be our goal. We should desire to hear our Lord say, “Well done good and faithful servant!” If we can help you in your service to the Lord, through Here’s Hope America go to the “contact” icon.

Cancer illness


She was only 41. The cancer came fast and furious. Anita was beautiful inside and out. She had a wonderful personality and a lot of life. She and Danny had three kids living at home. This whole process was a tough journey. The impact upon Danny, the kids, and many others was huge. “You won’t tell me when I’ll die; my God will,” Anita told her doctor. Danny states, “If you don’t hang on to the spirit world with the Lord, challenges can overcome you.” “Not one time did she give up hope.” “I knew that when she took her last breath, the next person she was going to see was Jesus Christ.” [click here and listen as Danny talks about this amazing lady] You may have lost your spouse, or you may be facing that potential prospect, or perhaps you are dealing with the harsh reality of cancer. Whatever you are facing, God’s power, presence, and provision will in fact be sufficient for you. May your faith be strong, your focus on Christ be fixed, your trust in God’s Word be consistent, and your hope in God be secure. Go to the “contact” icon if we can help you at Here’s Hope America.

Cancer illness

INFANT GENETIC DISORDER (Justin and Chelsea Wilson)

For well over a year, Justin and Chelsea have not had a full night’s sleep. The genetic disorder of their little girl requires 24 hour (literally!) care. This is a family where love lives, where compassion thrives, where faith sustains, and where hope prevails. You will fall in love with this little girl, and her parents. Very few people know the intensity, emotions, pressure, and seeming helplessness of having a little baby with an extreme genetic disorder. You will get to peek into the home and hearts of this amazing family. “There are only about 19-20 people in the world who have ever been diagnosed with this genetic disorder,” Justin stated. “Without our trust in God, and without our church we attend, and without our family, there’s no way we could even get through a day.” “She has 30-100 seizures a day.”[click here to know the full story about Rees]God is able. No matter how intense your daily struggle might be. He is able to give you strength, to meet your needs, to enhance your faith, to teach you, and to give you hope. You are not alone on this journey. God is there – and He is able. Go to the “contact” icon if we can help you at Here’s Hope America.

With a knife to my throat


She forgave him. Her husband forgave him as well. “The Holy Spirit gave me a peace that passes understanding,” Shiela stated. “As he was committing that act of rape, I saw Jesus on the cross, and realized that I was as guilty of sin as the man that was committing this act,” she related. The man said to her, “Do you think Jesus could save a man like me?” “Me, my husband, and our five kids got in a circle and we prayed for that man, to get caught, and to get saved.” “For the next 14 months our life was hell because of what we went through.” [click here to hear Shiela’s gripping story] No matter what you’ve done, God still loves you, and is ready to forgive you. No matter what has happened to you, God is able to help you, to heal you, to give you the capacity to forgive, to restore you in every way. God knows your heart, your hurt, your pain, your loss. You are not alone. God is right there with you, reaching out to hold you in His arms and to minister His grace to you. And His grace is sufficient! Go to the “contact” icon if we can help you at Here’s Hope America.

Our journey to freedom

OUR JOURNEY TO FREEDOM (Buddy and Sam Krause)

Finding release from drugs and alcohol. Finding God. Finding each other. What a journey of discovery for Buddy and Sam. Buddy states, “I continued to walk around doing my own will, and I continued to pay the consequences for that.” Drugs, alcohol, prison, loss of everything and everyone that is valuable to you. You or someone you love may be facing this same grim reality. Sam says, “It was a big step to come to this program, but I wanted to change my life.” That may be the need of your life – needing a total change. That’s where it begins; your recognition and admission that a change is exactly what you need. [click here to listen to this wonderful couple honestly share their journey to freedom] They talk about grace, reliance upon God, life-change, and their promise to God to finally obey HIM. God is a God of a second chance (or multiple chances). He is able to bring about transformation in your life. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, God offers forgiveness, help, transformation, and hope. Reach out to Him today, right now. Go to the “contact” icon if we can help you at Here’s Hope America.


“I knew from my past that something was getting ready to go on.” I responded, “And your past happens to be. . .” “Drug addiction. Exactly,” he confirmed. “Drug addicts are attracted to one another,” Cary explained. Cary is a former meth addict. Set free through a disciplined program and the obvious help of God. “The need to carry the message. The need to share with another human being, the hope in Jesus Christ, the way out of drugs and alcohol, to minister the Word. I hadn’t done that for several days. And that began to sicken me,” Cary related. [click here to enjoy and be challenged by this unique story] Instead of looking for a drug-fix, let me encourage you to look for a love-fix through Christ. Instead of a dope-fix, a hope-fix. You may be continually on the hunt, like these three young men, for something that satisfies, that is euphoric, that will mask the pain, or hide reality. Jesus said, “I am come that you might have life eternal, and life abundant.” Jesus is what you are really searching for! He can give you the real, and lasting fix to satisfy the deepest needs of your heart and soul. Go to the “contact” icon if we can help you at Here’s Hope America.


“We are living in a world where there are so many children that need a home, they need a family.”  Brian and Mandy began to pray about the option of adoption.  “When we met the birth mother, we knew this wasn’t just our story, it was God’s story.”Brian and Mandy opened their hearts and lives to this precious little girl, and her mother as well.  In a unique act of love, they developed a relationship with the birth mother of the little girl they were going to adopt.This legal act of adoption puts an amazing perspective on the spiritual act of adoption that God has accomplished within the lives of Christian believers.

[Click her to listen to the touching story of Brian, Mandy, and Shea.]

You may be considering adoption, or fostering, or you may even be an adopted child. Brian and Mandy share some great insights, and an extremely positive perspective regarding the emotional and spiritual aspects of adoption.The Bible tells us in Ephesians 1 that we have been adopted as spiritual children by Jesus Christ.  If you have never experienced that relationship, please go to “Hope 4 U” on our web-site on “Life at Its Best” in order to learn how you can be adopted by Jesus Christ.

If we can help you at Here’s Hope, we invite you to contact us today!

House Fire (Bob and Connie Gardner)

With tears in her eyes, while she was sorting through the charred ruins of their personal belongings after the devastating fire, she looked up to God and said, “Lord, I pray that I would never be a burned out stench in your nose!”

Bob and Connie share their story of the destructive fire to their home, the way the body of Christ ministered to them, the provision of God in rebuilding, and their journey of faith which gave them continuing hope through this difficult valley.

Perhaps you are going through a difficult valley yourself. Be encouraged as you hear Bob and Connie talk about God’s sustaining grace. If we can help you at Here’s Hope, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Bob is an electrician and maintenance man. He is pretty talented as a Mr. Fix-it. But his real talent, and his obvious passion, is to witness for Jesus Christ.

He is the most on-fire and passionate layman I have ever known when it comes to looking for and taking advantage of opportunities to tell somebody about Jesus. It is his passion to talk to people about their eternal destiny. Only God knows how many Gideon New Testaments he has given away in his lifetime. I have never known him not to have one in his back pocket; and to find the right person to give it to.

You will be blessed as you hear his story and sense his enthusiasm for sharing the good news of biblical salvation.


Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations”. Chuck Zehnder epitomizes that statement. He is in his 70s and he is still going. He and his wife Sandi personally served for five years in the country of Kenya. They have been on a variety of mission trips, both domestically and foreign. He served with Me for several years as our Minister of Missions. I had the privilege to interview Chuck in this segment, and to find out more about his heart to reach people around the world with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

You will be encouraged and challenged as you hear his personal story and sense his heartbeat for going and sowing.


It began just a few years ago while he was still in high school. Jordan is a passionate sold-out Christian, unashamed of Jesus Christ. He is definitely a leader among his peers.

So he began “How to Life”; a youth movement for young people, by young people. Peers sharing their faith in a public forum encouraging other youth to have a closer walk with Jesus Christ, or to begin this journey for the first time. And it’s working. Hundreds of young people responding to the gospel.

It’s a movement. Now in 15 states. You will want to hear Jordan share his story and his heart as he honors the Lord regarding this exciting movement of God.

If we can help you at Here’s Hope to begin your own journey of faith with Jesus, be sure to contact us today.