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Someone asked me what I thought about the presidential race. I said it’s like going to the zoo and visiting the monkey display; and watching them throw their poop at each other!! This is America. And it is pathetic that these are the two candidates who are vying for the most powerful position in the world.

There is no statesmanship, no patriotism, no ethics, no morality, no character that is worth modeling, no history of integrity, no display of honesty, no virtue within their marriage relationships, no genuineness within their religion, no indication of a future hope for our great Republic. All they talk about is demeaning each other, defending their personal failures which are being exposed through a vicious media which can hardly wait for the dawning of a new day anticipating that it will bring more viral blood to add to the ravenous feeding frenzy of a culture void of judgment.

What do we tell our children and our grandchildren? That in the year 2016 we sealed our fate as a once great nation, now poised to be the latest to be discarded on the trash heap of defunct, defeated, disgraced, destroyed, despicable democracies.

I am sick and tired of hearing these carnivorous candidates trying to defend their pathetic pasts and trying to convince the populace that they are the best thing since sliced bread. Their bread is stale and moldy and is already maggot infested. With these two candidates, you can better believe that no one wins on November 8 — America loses!

Is there not a cause? Is there no one in America who is trustworthy, and moral, a person of integrity, one who fears God, believes that righteousness exults a nation, who believes that the path to the future is to build upon the foundation stones of our founding fathers, that we have certain unalienable rights granted to us by our Creator? It is quite obvious that either of these candidates will fuel the cancerous culture of pathetic politics that is ruining our Republic.

God bless America? God help America in this desperate, dangerous, disastrous day in which we live!

Jay Scribner

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