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What is with the Democrats blocking the process of confirmations for the various cabinet nominees and for the Supreme Court nominee?! There is extremely high likelihood that every one of these nominations will in fact be confirmed. Statistically, the Democrats know this.

So the conclusion has to be that this is purely partisan politics. This is election sour grapes. This is a pathetic display of immature nonsense. This is a waste of taxpayers’ money. This is a display of irresponsibility. The American people should note those who are leading in this divisive action, those who are boycotting the hearings, those who are not showing up for their vote in committee and when the next election cycle shows up, run these thugs out of Washington!

Let’s get on with governing this nation. Let’s quit provoking one another. Let’s stop the division. Let’s quit trying to defend ourselves, and our particular party, and our own ideology. With regards to politics, let’s put America first. Let’s work with each other and not against each other. Let’s work at rebuilding America instead of promoting further foundational decay.

Not party, but partnership.

Not Democrat, but democracy.

Not Republican, but Republic.

Not us and them, but we.

Not three branches, but one government.

Not contradictory, but constitutional.

Not our feelings and concerns, but our freedom and our Country.

Not what I want, what we need.

Any politician who is putting self and his/her party above the interests of this nation, should pack his/her bags and go home!

Jay Scribner

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