God’s standard of values

A massacre at a Las Vegas country music concert. A senseless terror attack of innocent bikers and joggers in Manhattan. And now an evil onslaught during a church service in Sutherland Springs, Texas. All within a few weeks of each other.

Where can you go within America now and find peace, safety, security? Can you go socially to a country music concert? Obviously not. Can you go out to exercise on your bike or on the jogging trail? Obviously not. Can you go to church on Sunday morning at your regular place of worship? Obviously not.

Let me quickly point out that peace is an inside job! It certainly has become un-peaceful in America. The world is out of control and peace is a fleeting commodity. But the reality is, just like Jesus being asleep in the lower part of the boat while a storm was raging outside, you can be at peace in the midst of a storm.

Is there a common denominator to these recent tragic events which have claimed the lives of a large number of innocent citizens? Is it terrorism? Is it political? Is it lack of gun control? Is it immigration? Is it vengeance? While all of these issues and angles may play a part in these destructive tragedies, they are not the foundational premise of this cancer which has attacked our society.

So what is the common denominator? Here it is — values! This can be traced to almost every ill and evil which has revealed its ugly head as a blight on our society. In Las Vegas, in Manhattan, in Sutherland Springs, and on and on; there is no respect for life, there is no appreciation for others, there is no love other than for one’s self, there is no acknowledgment of the law, there is no fear of God, and everyone does what is right in his own eyes.

There is a book of values. We call it the Bible. When we accept it, embrace it, and live by it — we, and society, can function in a peaceful and rather harmonious relationship. When we reject it, deny it, and twist it — anarchy and chaos prevail. The latter sound like the morning newspaper headlines.

I choose the Bible — God’s standard of values.

Jay Scribner

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