Loss of wife


She was only 41. The cancer came fast and furious. Anita was beautiful inside and out. She had a wonderful personality and a lot of life.
She and Danny had three kids living at home. This whole process was a tough journey. The impact upon Danny, the kids, and many others was huge.
“You won’t tell me when I’ll die; my God will,” Anita told her doctor. Danny states, “If you don’t hang on to the spirit world with the Lord, challenges can overcome you.” “Not one time did she give up hope.”
“I knew that when she took her last breath, the next person she was going to see was Jesus Christ.”

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  1. I was a member of FBC Branson in 1998 and knew Anita… Our prayer groups prayed for Anita and I know that all over America, many churches were praying for her. She always said, I know the Lord is going to heal me. She never complained about her condition or what might be the conclusion of her life. She radiated God’s love and I loved her. I was told that she was smiling as she took her last breath. Many of us wondered what was she thinking.. or seeing. I have no doubt, she was seeing the face of Jesus.


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